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by eLTehh


by eLTehh

This is probably the single most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It clearly took years,maybe even decades to complete this masterpiece...


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just a guy who really likes art and has nothing better to do.

Also don't be afraid to interact with me.


    In life, nothing is permanent. I’ve learned throughout my years that nothing can stay the same. I have always had my own personal ups and downs, but no matter what occurred to me I could always see in the future that it wasn't always going to be like that. At first, it was a good way to cope with a bad situation, the idea that it wasn't always going to be like that. But now, that idea has festered into something negative. I can't enjoy something in my life, I can't feel happy for such an extended amount of time, I can't cherish the things that bring me joy. No matter how good things get, there's always a negging feeling at the back of my head that it won't last so what's the point?


    My mind has always had a habit for exploring dangerous thoughts, ever since I was little I had a knack for thinking of a worse case scenario and overthinking it to the point that for a moment, those thoughts became real. I learned to make myself feel horrible at nothing but a thoughts notice. At any second I can make myself genuinely cry without even trying. My misery became second nature to me before I could even ride a bike.


    I've always been in my own head. It was like my own personal world. It was a place where I could do anything, go anywhere, be anyone. When I was extremely young I always put myself in the shoes of heroes from stories that I adored, at it was fun being someone else. Then the problems began. I liked being anyone that wasn't me, I was bored with what Alex was up to, I wanted be cooler, I wanted to escape from myself. It became an aspect of my everyday life, I always daydreamed and ignored what was happening in real life. I never stared at myself, I never cared about what I as a person was becoming. For the longest time, I didn't even known what I looked like. I payed no attention, and that was what lead to my obesity.


    My weight was always a part of me. I didn't even remember the transition from a normal preschooler to the only overweight child in all of elementary school. All the other boys loved going out and playing out in the fields, racing each other, having a soccer match everyday. I hated all of it, I hated being the slowest, I hated being picked last, I hated being last place in everything. My body limitations had me go pursue a different course in school. I loved stories, I loved crazy concepts, and thinking up the coolest situations in my head while everyone else ran circles around me at the playground was the norm. I focused on my mind, and that seemed to pay off as a was put in more advanced classes. The drawbacks however, were massive.


    My body wasn't improving at all, every year seemed to see my physical health worsen. I couldn't care less, I was busy on fun stuff. Youtube, TV, videogames, anything to distract me from the outside world. I feel that the worse part was, I was somewhat aware of what I was doing to myself. I knew that I was destroying my life, I just didn't care. My self esteem was non existent, but I always acted like the big man. Making jokes and trying to be as sarcastic as possible. I started mistreating friends, and I didn't even notice. For a large portion of my life, I was wearing a mask. I even got nickname for myself at school, “J”, to differentiate when I was living with my persona and when I was living as myself with my real name Alex.


    At some point, I became the person I was trying to imitate. I was a jerk. I was too insecure and stupid to see that I was living a lie. But, just like before, some part of me was still aware. I was scared to see the real me, and I kept going on as all my other escapes from myself. The stories and games I used to love became an unhealthy coping mechanism, but I didn't stop. When I was young I always stayed in my room, which worried my family. I tried bettering myself and going out a bit more, but I always came back to my fantasy world in the end. Then something specific happened. My obese body had broken my bed, made it crooked at some points. I still slept in it, but it didn't help my posture. Slowly I began avoiding being in my bed more and more as being in it became more difficult. I was actively avoiding one of the places I used to escape, in order to help my health. At first I was a bit proud of myself for making that decision, but whenever I did get on it it had another effect on my other then just being uncomfortable.


    Anytime I went to bed, getting up was harder, reaching out to my things was more of a challenge, and it would make horrible noises when I got on it to remind me of my overbearing weight. The bed became an extremely painful reminder of what I have become. Both physically and symbolically.  Getting out of my rut feels impossible, I can’t ever truly reach out to others, and it was my own poor life decisions that put me into this specific situation. My escape became my main source of pain. A cycle that would only make me a worse person as time would go on.


    I hurt my friends. I actively made people around me feel bad, and I was too late to notice. By the time I realized the horrible actions I was committing I had already pushed so many people away from me. I can't keep doing this. I'm no longer going to try be someone I’m not, and try to put people down so that I can raise myself up. I refuse to see the things I use for entertainment as an escape. I want to better myself, and the first step to that is to share with problems with others.


    Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope you can all forgive me.

Poisoned Oculoid
I haven't drawn an Oculoid in a while, so here ya go.

This one is a subspecies that uses it's tale as not only a light source in caves, but also a weapon that can stab and poison prey. Due to their reckless life style, they fortunately have a lower population than that of a normal, more docile Oculoid.
Fred, Fred Burgers
"Hi!Do you wanna be friends?"
"Do you know where the nearest bathroom in this dimension is?"
"Last time someone declared Glochnark Combat on me, I ended up being his best man on his 50th Chargels Ceremony!"
"Why is it that I always end up with the giant death laser pointed at me?"
"Are you sure I'm the chosen one? I kinda just came back from another world that said I was destined to destroy this place. Fair warning."

This is Fred. Please be nice to him, he is a good boy.


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